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From: Don Lee (
Date: 02 Mar 2009

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    Of course, I knew you would know. And yet you tease us w/ your knowing but not telling. Or your KNOWING-BUT-NOT-TELLING. Well...hmmm...perhaps you could start a Paypal acct., charge like $5, and it could say, "If you REALLY want to KNOW, no b.s., REALLY, just send $5 and then you will KNOW FOR SURE." Worked for Obama. I sent in $5 at least 3 or 4 times.

    A sort of...Noirbama approach...



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    > Don,
    > Re your comment below:
    > "Just wondering what people consider the
    > 'best' single noir novel. I know there's no one
    > answer . . . "
    > Of course there is. Or, at least, there will be.
    > When I, and I alone, have decided what the best single noir
    > novel is, I'll announce it, and that will then be the
    > "one answer."


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