RARA-AVIS: No Exit Press

From: Mark D. Nevins (nevins_mark@yahoo.com)
Date: 02 Mar 2009

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    I discovered Raoul Whitfield via No Exit editions, and they seem to have a produced a great little catalogue (in both MMPB and TPB size) over the years, including Paul Cain and other of the classics.

    I love their WeeGee-style photo covers, and my only complaint is that their bindings (at least in some of the older books) seem pretty shoddy, with the glue cracking badly. In a few cases my No Exit books have become No Exit portfolios.

    A list of their current titles can be found on their website: http://www.noexit.co.uk/index.php

    Seems like some of the older titles have gone out of print, and I have never heard of some of the authors in the current catalogue, so if there are any recommendations, let us know.

    I always keep an eye out for No Exit books when I travel to London, and I was lucky to have found an apparently unread copy of Fake I.D. a few years back.

    Best, Mark Nevins

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