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Date: 28 Feb 2009

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    > > > Or perhaps THE B-TEAM: THE INDUSTRIAL MUSICAL awaits birthing as
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    > > > first Rara-Avis Production.
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    > > It would quickly become a Dortmunder movie, or musical. You could
    > > sneak in some Pat and Mike routines with The Long Goodbye and Nature
    > > of Noir as themes. Harold Bloom would be hard to cast, though. Let's
    > > call him Leopold and let the actor improvise his role.
    > Well, clearly, at this point, the whole project is driven by the
    > insane money-lust of Joe Gores.

    Well said, well, the plan is that the gang is going to steal somebody's collection of rare books, and Leopold Bloom is going to be the fence, since he has connections. This is going to be a last caper for everybody, so they're pooling the money to invest with Bernie. Boy, do I miss Westlake...


    > Todd Mason

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