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Date: 28 Feb 2009

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    mrt wrote:

    "Harold Bloom has had a bad influence on this great book business."

    My affection for Bloom's ideas is well-documented here so I won't belabor the point further. Suffice it to say that I would have given up completely on the notion of ever publishing a single work of my own had I not happened to read his little book HOW TO READ, AND WHY.

    It reawakened within me a love for language: really changed my perspective on this very matter. I became better able to do the very things mrt exhorts us to do: read a little (of good books) and think alot about them.

    And I owe that to Harold Bloom.

    Yes, he's a snob, and yes, he's opinionated.

    He's also a vastly talented literary critic whose work truly "provokes" in all the delightful connotations of the word.

    Who cares if he doesn't think Stephen King deserves the National Book Award, or that he further thinks that Toni Morrison (someone with whom he concedes he disagrees with on damned near every subject literary) does?

    And his ideas on Shakespeare, particularly HAMLET, as expressed in SHAKESPEARE: THE INVENTION OF THE HUMAN and HAMLET: POEM UNLIMITED are truly revolutionary.

    In short, I'm grateful for him.

    All the Best-


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