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From: Steve Novak (Cinefrog@comcast.net)
Date: 28 Feb 2009

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    In order to lighten up the Œdialog¹...here¹s a joke heard tonight on the Césards (French Oscars) on TV5 (Dish network):

    ³...one cannot talk anymore about ³ film noir²...if you want to be politically correct, you got to talk about ³film de couleur¹...

    Those of you who speak/understand/ the language can infer....and might/will appreciate the joke...in the overall context of film/movies....

    Really: I¹m VERY curious to understand/investigate...why the Goodises¹ of the US writing world never ³made² it...are there socio-political reasons...but more importantly: are there economical reasons...???...or just simple fate?... I don¹t know what to answer/ believe and Rara-Avians might have strong insights into it...? Please give your take...why these remarkable writers were basically ignored...who Œowned¹ the path and arch to coast to coast stardom in the literary world...and what was their bent...??? I have been told a few times by intellectual/literary Œauthorities¹ from varied backgrounds that it can all be reduced to the influence of the churches/religious entities/establishment....and their power in all the publishing worlds...and their lackeys...i.e. the critics...????


    ......who just finished a great paella and several good reds with friends...and who saw The Wrestler last night and loved it and thought a lot about Dassin¹s The Night and the City....

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    >> > Perfectly agree...why is he (Goodis) not talked about in the US at
    >> > all...???... and in academia they totally sneer at people like
    > him...they
    >> > are so entrenched in their little cliques...and mostly involved in self
    >> > congratulation of their politically correct authors...now when it
    > comes to
    >> > the press (book reviews in major newspapers...and some local ones)
    > they are,
    >> > as usual intotally devoted to the States, abysmally narrow and totally
    >> > devoted to the status quo, the publishing establishment and all
    > basically
    >> > devoid of a �different� point of vue/ideology/intellectual
    >> > premisces....etc...
    > Consider that even the greatest classics we consider here, books like
    > The Maltese Falcon, The Glass Key, The Long Goodbye, The Postman
    > Always Rings Twice, etc., have not made it to the standard school
    > curricula... these books are sixty to eighty years old! There is a
    > sense of stagnation, if you look at what is considered "normal" or
    > "mainstream". I hear that even Faulkner is being shunned, for fear of
    > offending somebody when he deals with black people and also because he
    > is considered too difficult for ordinary people. You know you have
    > trouble when your greatest novelist is said to be too difficult to
    > teach in school. Big trouble.
    > Best,
    > mrt

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