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Date: 27 Feb 2009

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    > > For the BLACK MASK stories that compose "Red Harvest", you should be
    > > looking for "/Dashiell Hammett: Complete Novels" (/ Library of
    > America,
    > > 1999), according to Mike Humbert on The Dashiell Hammett Website
    > > (
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    > Although I have the Library of America collection of Hammett's short
    > fiction, I don't have their collection of the five novels. Are you
    > certain that this collection contains the original BLACK MASK stories
    > that made up the novels. Or is this a collection of the book versions
    > of those novels?
      I have never seen the stories reprinted in book form. I don't know how much interest in them there could be. The Chandler ones compiled in Killer in the Rain were very interesting, but then they were truly independent stories, not meant to be installments of a novel.

    All that said, I would be interested in scans of the Hammett installments, even if a commercial release is not profitable or reasonable.



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