RARA-AVIS: Gores missed the synedoche

From: Frederick Zackel (fzackel@wcnet.org)
Date: 26 Feb 2009

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    The synedoche represents the whole object by naming only a part of it, or naming the part for the whole, like just saying "keels" for "ships."

    In the Falcon we all watch how body parts are substituted for the whole person.

    Especially the eyes.

    A blond Satan, with teeth like a wolf. And his eyes!

    Gores missed the eyes. Consistently. By page three the book was not ringing true for me. I mean, it's okay and all. But Effie in the Falcon has a boyish suntan, and Gores does not even come close. Too much xeroxing from the original about Flitcraft, too. Although he did get that Flitcraft was a bigamist. Most folks never see it.

    Check the copyright though: @2009 by Josephine Hammett & Joe Gores.

    So Joe is splitting the take, eh? Dash would of approved; he was always a sucker for his girls ... when he was around. So I got no complaints that Gores got lots of money. Dash's progeny gets half. (Maybe.)

    I'd want it for my kids, too.

    BTW, the NYTimes did a thing on Chandler & Hammett's drinking earlier in the week. Folks might want to check what Spade does after he hears about Archer. Lots of cigarettes and Bacardi rum. Folks miss that, too.

    If you think you know the Falcon ... Important question: In chapter nine, how should Spade know anything about what happened in Constantinople?

    So I heard that Gores was a graduate first of Notre Dame and then Iowa's writing program. Is that right?

    Anyway ...


    Fred Zackel

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