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From: Ron Clinton (
Date: 25 Feb 2009

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    > > Dave wrote:
    > She's exceedingly popular?? Hell, what for?for what?? The only thing I
    > know about her is a couple of Seinfeld episodes and being loud and
    > abrasive on reality shows.

    I am in no way condoning her advance nor the inequity in the publishing industry that drives writers and fans of the written word crazy, but every time she comes to Seattle she sells out multiple nights in very large Seattle theaters. Typically, they schedule two or three nights and usually end up extending one more night. That's thousands upon thousands of people.

    Contrast that against a touring writer who signing may attract a dozen folks
    (two or three times that if you're a Dan Simmons or Christopher Moore (to name a couple who seem to attract that number in this area). Factor in her television show, and it's easy to see why a publisher may feel that a large advance in her case is warranted, especially since her type of celebrity name-dropping type of book is sure to appeal to readers of the mystifyingly popular People Magazine.

    I'm not saying liberal Seattle should be the barometer of her overall popularity, it is apparent that a widespread demand exists...for some reason.

    Ron C.

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