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Date: 23 Feb 2009

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    Mark Nevins wrote:

    "I'm not sure why I assumed Personville was in California (perhaps because SF seemed so close by train?), but if it's in Montana I gladly stand corrected. As a New Englander, I admit my sense of US geography is a bit vague at times. Characters in the novel reference Salt Lake on a few occasions, but I assumed that that wasn't the one in Utah--maybe it was? (I can draw pretty detailed maps of Europe and SE Asia from memory, but I'm at a loss in my own country.)"

    Montois gave a great description of Butte from when he was there on his movie shoot. Speaking as someone who grew up about three-to-four hours away from it (Spokane), I can say that if I had to describe Butte in one word, the one I would pick would be "gray."

    Everything is gray. The wind and snow are so fierce and constant out there
    (it's on the high plains, with nothing to stop those storms roaring down from the Canadian Shield), that wooden buildings never seem to sport a shred of paint, and the wood is quickly weathered to the all-encompassing gray.

    Hope has a hard time growing and taking root in a place such as Butte Montana.

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