Re: RARA-AVIS: My last point on that topic, plus Hammett and Westlake

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Date: 23 Feb 2009

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    > Kerry Wrote:
    > "I think similarities between Red Harvest and Miller's Crossing have
    > mentioned here before. Do I have that right?"
    > Nope. You're thinking of THE GLASS KEY, not RED HARVEST. RED
    HARVEST was
    > inspiration for one of Kirasawa's films (the title escapes, but it might
    > have been RAN), and by extension, of A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS. A more
    > screen adaptation of RED HARVEST would be LAST MAN STANDING,
    starring Bruce
    > Willis.

    Ran is based on King Lear. A loose but very clear adaptation.

    > The Coen Brothers took THE GLASS KEY and tweaked it pretty hard (the
    > political boss becomes more of an outright gangster, the central
    > one of his "fixers" becomes less important in the final mix, etc.), but
    > leaving the existing relationships pretty much intact, as well as
    the time
    > period and setting. It's worth watching, but really not a very faithful
    > adaptation.
    > For a better cinematic take on THE GLASS KEY, take a look at the
    1942 Stuart
    > Heisler film of the same name. It's truly one of the great hard-boiled
    > films out there, with pitch-perfect casting.

    I like that film of The Glass Key and I am not looking forward to any remakes. I don't think Miller's Crossing is a remake. Inspired, perhaps, but not a remake, a very different movie.



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