Re: RARA-AVIS: P.M. Hubbard

From: Jeff Vorzimmer (
Date: 15 Feb 2009

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    > About Dewey: few authors are so timeless. I said recently that he was
    > of no lesser stature than Ross Macdonald. I will risk wrath and say
    > that he was better, that his stuff holds up better. Dewey is not
    > following the Chandler blueprint. If anything, Mac has more in common
    > with the Op than with Marlowe. Time for a Dewey revival?

    I like what Dewey I've read. It's a shame that he's largely forgotten. Good for guys like me who read him--we can get his novels cheap. I think I mentioned that I recently read Mountain Girl by one Cord Wainer, when about half way through I recognized the style as Dewey's and sure enough, that was one of his pseudonyms.


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