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From: Brian Thornton (
Date: 02 Feb 2009

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    You left out the fact that thrillers nearly always include a revolving P.O.V. in them (think Elmore Leonard and Robert Ludlum). Ken Follett's THE MAN FROM ST. PETERSBURG as well, for example/

    All the Best-

    Brian (whose latest piece of work will likely be called a "historical thriller," since it has a limited revolving P.O.V. between the protagonist and the antogonist).

    On Sun, Feb 1, 2009 at 7:43 PM, JIM DOHERTY <> wrote:

    > T,
    > Re your question below:
    > "What the hell is a thriller?"
    > A thriller is a crime/mystery/detective/suspense/call-it-what-you-will
    > story in which the emphasis is on action, suspense, and pace rather than
    > cerebration.
    > Aren't you happy I was here to give you the precise, exact, and, most
    > importantly, CORRECT definition?

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