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Date: 31 Jan 2009

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    Not sure if you're asking me or Jeff, but by my definition, the greater the crime, the greater the thrill. A parking offence: not very thrilling. A serial parking offender who murders a series of traffic wardens: a little more thrilling. A parking offender who abandons his car in Manhattan with a tamper-proof nuclear bomb inside it set to go off in 3 hours, a little more thrilling again.

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    > even misdemeanors?
    > --- On Sat, 1/31/09, Jeff Vorzimmer <> wrote:
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    >> My definition is simpler: a story in which (any) crime is
    >> committed.
    >> Jeff
    >> >I think of a crime thriller quite simply as the type of
    >> story where
    >> > prevention of a crime (or crimes) is paramount.
    >> >
    >> > Al

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