Re: RARA-AVIS: Daniel Woodrell on "Noir"

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Date: 31 Jan 2009

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    > And now comes the part where we run in to the whole "Iowa Writers
    > thing...
    > "Pure noir is a direct bastard child of Greek Tragedy,"
    > Really? Greek Tragedy? Is it "impure noir" if it takes more from Roman
    > tragedians such as Seneca or perhaps the Renaissance tragedians such
    as Kyd,
    > Marlowe, or Willie the Shake? Or (as long as we're torturing
    metaphors past
    > the howling point) how about if it's the direct bastard child of,
    say, the
    > Old Norse Sagas, you know, man's fate is written before his life
    begins and
    > there is no escaping it, blah blah blah? Is that "impure noir"?
    > Wow! Grad school comes in handy when troweling out overwrought
    > such as those cited above!

    Yeah, this stuff can quickly get ridiculous... on the other hand, we Raravians haven't exactly avoided such lucubrations. Kind of, you bullshit your way and I'll bullshit my way (which is better because it's me).



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