Re: RARA-AVIS: Ken Breun and Louis L'Amour and Graham Rawle

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Date: 30 Jan 2009

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     When I worked in a bookstore, I once had a customer
    > > tell me that he had all of L'Amour's novels and read nothing
    else. "When I
    > > get to the end, I just start over and read 'em all again," he
    said. Man, I
    > > can't imagine feeling like that about any author, even the ones
    whose work I
    > > love.
    > >
    > I felt like that about Dr. Seuss once. but I was 6 then
    > John Lau

    Well, to read one author and nothing else takes us back to old times, when the Bible was the only book that many people read, over and over. Not to compare L'Amour's works to the Bible, of course.

    Now, I wonder if every one of us doesn't have an author that they go back to often or regularly, even though we've read each book many times. I've reread Wodehouse and Borges many times. Same with Faulkner, Chandler and a few others. I am not obsessed with them, but they are points of reference. Possibly, they are also objects of comfort.



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