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Date: 30 Jan 2009

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    To add what is probably an obvious recommendation of reading material to those already made, I suggest picking up LeRoy Lad Panek's READING EARLY HAMMETT. Panek looks at all of Hammett's early work, not just his detective or criome stories, and reconstructs in a fair amount of detail the evolution of Hammett's writing style and the motivations that underpinned its development. Particularly interesting are some of the parallels Panek draws between some of Hammett's earliest published work, often very brief vignettes, and aspects of THE MALTESE FALCON and THE THIN MAN.

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    Wow, some great answers already! Thanks guys! I'll keep working on what I can find and keep checking back here to see what else pops up. That book sounds great, Nathan. I'm on it. Next up we move to Chandler, predictably, and I've got our own Mark Coggins coming in to set the table...


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