RE: RARA-AVIS: Black Lizard Bonanza

From: Ron Clinton (
Date: 26 Jan 2009

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    > > I'm not sure its necessarily bad news--a lot of the Hard Case Crime
    > novels
    > > are in Amazons 4-for-3 promo. The discount between Half-Priced and
    > Amazon
    > > ain't that much different.

    > I could be wrong, but it sounds to me like inventory liquidation.

    Sounds that way to me as well. Had they been able to sell them in the stores upon original publication, one wouldn't think they'd be showing up at a used/discount/remainder place like Half-Price Books. I suppose someone at Leisure/HCC could be doing same fancy bookkeeping and selling them to HPB for approximately the same break as they offer the 4/3 or club members, but HPB works on a pretty big margin, and if they're selling HCC books at $3.99 or so a piece, you can bet their purchase price was significantly less.

    I sure hope that doesn't bode negatively for HCC's future. What a loss that would be. On the other hand, it could just signal that they're streamlining and tightening the proverbial belt, casting off the remnants of a slow start
    (reducing inventory, raising some cash) to ensure the solvency of the future of their line.

    Ron C.

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