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Date: 22 Jan 2009

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    I think the last French crime film that had any degree of exposure in the U.S. was Tell No one, based on a Harlan Coben novel. Am I right? I missed it but I've been told it's very good and it did enjoy some critical success. You'd think this would've encouraged distributers to carry similar films even if only as limited releases.

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    > > I envy you. I love watching foreign crime films and what little
    > > seen of the French school has really impressed me. I recently
    > > a book on crime films during the Franco years and some of them
    > > really interesting. I also saw a Chilean movie called Tony
    > > which the LA Times recently mentioned as a possible Oscar
    > > It wasn't nominated in the ned, but it is still pretty good.
    > >
    > Indeed, something that pains me is that in the past couple of
    > the US public has become less and less knowledgeable about French
    > cinema, at least in my experience. Also there is a retreat in
    > knowledge of the French language, but that is another story.
    > Distribution has something to do with the French film problem and
    > the foreign film problem in general.
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