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Date: 21 Jan 2009

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    > I agree. Likewise, I don't believe the author's ideology or personal
    > demeanor should necessarily affect one's appreciation of his work as
    > literature. Being French, you probably appreciate how critics
    > worldwide don't have a problem ignoring Camus' fling with Stalinism
    > (or Pablo Neruda's, for that matter) and yet many feel a need to
    > criticize Brasillach or Drieu la Rochelle's works on the basis of
    > their fascist leanings.

    It cost Jorge Luis Borges the Nobel prize... probably the same happened to the great Dino Buzzati (on almost certainly false accusations of fascist sympathies). Would they award the Nobel to Grass today, after his confessions? I doubt it. But his body of work is the same...



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