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Date: 21 Jan 2009

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    > I very much doubt that we can ever know what ³the real feelings of the
    > author² are...and they simply donıt matter...if you enter the path of
    > judging the authorıs views, real, reported or are on a
    > slippery slope...

    Very slippery slope... I once read a book of literary criticism based on authorial intention (German author, IIRC). The author was very entertaining but did not convince me. It looked to me like he was handpicking his examples to prove that his methods work.

    Let's assume, for the sake of argument, that Chandler wrote his novels as parodies. Suppose we actually know that. How would that knowledge change the novels for the reader? I don't think it would prevent anyone from entering Marlowe's fictional world and enjoying his adventures. It also would not affect Chandler's sharp criticism of the society of his day and place.

    And what about anonymous writers, or writers about whom very little is known?

    What if we were to discover that the main intention of an author, God forbid, was to make money?



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