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Date: 21 Jan 2009

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    I very much doubt that we can ever know what ³the real feelings of the author² are...and they simply donıt matter...if you enter the path of judging the authorıs views, real, reported or are on a slippery slope... The text is what matters...and not because it is art or entertainment or whatever, but because it is there to be read... least thatıs the way I look at it and how many teachers taught us, from Toulouse to Michigan... I am sometimes interested by the life of an author (or filmaker) but the books are what I concentrate on...Their bios are another type of narratve...wether in print or as a film (docu...)


    On 1/21/09 5:57 AM, "sonny" <> wrote:

    > oh, good. thanks for clearin it up for me.
    > off topic even more, with the mlk, jr. holiday and then obama inauguration,
    > man did i see/hear racist humor (some funny to me, some not).
    > to bring it around to topic slightly, when is a racist (or sexist or violent
    > etc) character/narrator 'allowed'? always? only if it works (it's funny and
    > meant to be; it's disgusting and meant to be, etc)?
    > is everything allowed in the cause of art, entertainment? is it simply good or
    > bad, something that works overall or not?
    > do the real feelings of the author matter? if a 'liberal' or p.c. person uses
    > characters and behavior that are repellent, is that different than if a
    > virulent racist, homophobic, author does the same, everything else being
    > equal?

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