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Date: 20 Jan 2009

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    If your comment on Auster (read below) is Œnot a judgement¹, then, as some French say, Obama is not black...

    The simple idea that Auster should not be included in discussions on any crime writing, or noir, or whatever related to all the topics touched upon in Rara, is highly symptomatic of the absurd ghetto into which he (Auster) has been kept by a large part of the critique here in the US, and especially the Crime Stories critics....and mrt is just repeating here their usual credo: ³More technique than substance²...please...!! that what one should call a Œclassificatory comment¹...(what are those by the way, where do they start and where do they end being Œclassificatory¹...)...

    Nothing else to add here since this terrain has been covered ample times in Rara in the past ten years and nothing evolves on that front...

    Better subject: Thanks a million to Duane for the article on Cody¹s demise and I hope that nothing of such fate will occur to the great store in Portland (Powell¹s)


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    >> > Do we detect a litlle bias against Auster there...or are we about to
    >> > re-ignate the ŒAuster-is-noir¹ controversy...?
    >> >
    >> > ...but..²on n¹est jamais prophète en son pays²...of course...and the
    > fact
    >> > that Auster is quoted in a list in the Guardian is therefore logical...
    >> >
    >> > ????
    > It was not a judgment on Auster but merely a classificatory comment. I
    > would never include him in such a list. He's a technical writer, a
    > fluent writer, but not really a storyteller like crime literature
    > pros. This is not the place to discuss his work, but I do think he is
    > overrated by the critics. More technique than substance.
    > Best,
    > mrt

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