Re: RARA-AVIS: Sad news for Londoners

From: jacquesdebierue (
Date: 15 Jan 2009

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    > How can future used books exist if new book sales diminish?
    > I was shocked yesterday walking around Brookline on Harvard Street to
    > see Barnes and Nobles gone. If there was one town around Boston where
    > you would think a bookstore would be supported, it would be Brookline.

    Well, I was referring to the used books that do exist now. By the way, I always thought that an industry that routinely pulps millions of books cannot be very sound. And here in the county where I live, there was a facility where people took books to recycle. You could go and get some books if you wanted... I found some stuff there, but it never occurred to me to take books to be recycled (as paper). Maybe it's a superstition, but I couldn't do it. For one thing, it's a huge misallocation of resources. For another, each book has its own life and I prefer not to be the one to end it, or not to be the one that sends it to be ended. If a book can have another reader, and another.... why pulp it?



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