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Date: 10 Jan 2009

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    Dave, which Raymond books are in that series? I have I WAS DORA SUAREZ and HOW THE DEAD LIVE here but haven't read them yet.

    THX Sandra

    On Sat, Jan 10, 2009 at 6:36 PM, davezeltserman <> wrote:
    > I would argue that Huston's 'Caught Stealing', a book I very much
    > enjoyed, is pure pulp, as opposed to noir. Yes, there's a sense of
    > danger throughout the book, but there's no overriding sense of doom.
    > Btw. As much as I enjoyed 'Caught Stealing', I found the second book
    > in the series a kind of tired and less imaginative retread of the
    > first (which another Rara Avian commented the same on), and the 3rd in
    > the series left me with little interest to read anything more by Huston.
    > --Dave

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