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Date: 09 Jan 2009

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    > If that were a valid, comprehensive definition of noir, it seems to
    me that
    > that would discount a number of works associated with the genre.
    > INSIDE ME by Thompson leaps immediately to mind (and, yes, SMALL
    CRIMES as
    > well). I suppose each of the works' protagonists have an element of
    > self-delusion wherein *they* might believe they're trying to do the
    > thing...but the truth known to the reader is quite different.

    If you're dealing with psychos, you have many possibilities open that wouldn't be acceptable otherwise. You also expose yourself to narrative dangers and problems that you wouldn't have otherwise. In a way, a psycho character is never "established", he's a quicksand.

    Then there are guys you can't be sure about, like the protagonist of Charlie Huston's _Caught Stealing_. That is a very interesting character, in my opinion. I don't know if this novel caught fire with the public, but it's excellent.



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