RARA-AVIS: Re: Donald Westlake and the origin of Parker

From: Richard Moore (moorich@aol.com)
Date: 06 Jan 2009

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    As I recall Westlake's Smithsonian speech (which he read, rather than speaking from notes), he said anyone reading sentences from Chandler and Hammett aloud should recognize Hammett was the superior writer. I really will hunt down tomorrow the TAD issue with his article that was based on the speech and refresh my aging memory on some of its highpoints.

    Richard Moore

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    > Richard, thanks for posting this. In a double interview he did with
    > Elmore Leonard, both of them knock Chandler pretty heavily, and (if I
    > remember correctly) they aren't crazy about Hammett, either. I am sure
    > that they both said that Chandler's sentences suck.
    > It's interesting that none of these two major crime writers are
    > associated with the classic hardboiled mystery writers or with the PI
    > tradition.
    > Now, how many times has the PI gotten killed? No wonder they make him
    > so durable.
    > Best,
    > mrt

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