Re: RARA-AVIS: Westlake? story ID request

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Date: 05 Jan 2009

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    > At least one of the obits mentioned that Westlake first started using
    > pseudonyms to place more than one short story in a single magazine.
    > Which has me wondering. Have Westlake's short stories ever been
    > anthologized?

    Some have, the Levine stories, for example, or the ones in Tomorrow's Crimes. There was also a volume that had Ordo and another story. I have never seen a comprehensive collection. He himself said that he wrote many stories, especially in the fifties and early sixties. Perhaps he didn't care to republish apprentice work?

    By the way, Ordo is a truly great short story (although it is not a crime story). Has anyone seen the movie made from this extraordinary story?



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