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Date: 05 Jan 2009

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    Any idea which issue (month/year) of redbook that was?



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                It was published in REDBOOK as it was called CALL ME A CAB...hope this helps



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    [I suspect she might've read this in COSMPOLITAN or PLAYGIRL as

    well. TM]

    Speaking of Donald Westlake, maybe the great brain can help me

    track this

    elusive fiction down...

    Years ago (mid 70's?) I was reading a woman's magazine, e.g., Good

    Housekeeping or Redbook. There was either a novella or excerpted

    novel. Long and

    short: the heroine is engaged, and supposed to be meeting her

    fiance's family.

    She's in NYC, they're on the left coast. She and the fiance are

    supposed to

    fly out there together. She's ambivalent, then says she'll catch a


    flight. After he departs, she exits the terminal and gets into a

    cab. The

    cabbie asks "Where to?" Barely missing a beat, she asks him if he

    could drive

    her to California. (DUH!) They agree on a fee, then set off on a

    major road

    trip. I don't want to reveal any spoilers for those who haven't

    read the

    story - assuming that anyone in the world (other than me) has ever

    heard of it.

    All help welcome - I'd love to re-read this!


    Binnie Syril Braunstein

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