RARA-AVIS: Re: "Pulp" is the new "noir" and "urban" is the new "black"

From: tomarmstrongmusic (tom@tomarmstrongmusic.com)
Date: 31 Dec 2008

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    > I'm also getting pretty fed up with "urban" and "street," both now
    > often used as a euphemism for black

    I think 'urban' still has some legs, because it goes beyond 'black.' in a lot of big-city ghettos the old racial categories of 'white'
    'black' 'asian' 'latino' are falling rapidly behind the realities of miscegenation. it's not hard to find people who are half black, a quarter salvadoran, a quarter filipino, and 100% 'urban', and that trend is only going to increase as America continues to ethnically diversify. there's a family on my block where the dad is latino & caucasian, and the mom is chinese, so what do you call those kids? they're dweeby kids, but if they were little wanna-be playas, than
    'urban' would be generic enough to fit them. I think that's why the music industry in particular went toward 'urban' as a category, because it's an effective catch-all term for the market they're after.
     today's thug image crosses racial boundaries. all the young gangstas love Pacino in "Scarface" the same, and will buy t-shirts with his image on them, regardless of their own ethnicity.

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