RARA-AVIS: American Indians and movies

From: juri.nummelin@pp.inet.fi
Date: 31 Dec 2008

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    I've heard it said many times that Indians hate the revisionist Western films of the seventies and eighties, like TELL THEM WILLIE BOY IS HERE, because in these movies Indians are portrayed as pitiful losers. This comes when the white filmmakers want to show how much suffering Indians have had. Indians like more to watch films like STAGECOACH where they really kick the white asses. There have been some more recent, mostly TV movies, that I've heard Indians praise, but they were totally unknown to me.

    One of the more surprising films that has a cult following from the Indians is the Elvis film, GO HOME, JOE. (Based on a novel by Dan Cushman, IIRC.) Is it about Cherokees? (I think it's the only film in which Elvis gets to play an Indian of his own tribe.)


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