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Date: 29 Dec 2008

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    Kevin wrote:

    "Dewey himself may have seen himself as a disciple of Chandler, even picking up a title from Chandler's "Simple Art of Murder" essay."

    And the name of the murder victim in Dewey's The Mean Streets is Bill Denton. Really.

    "Oh, one other thing. Much as I love Pronzini's work, both fiction and non-fiction, I've always had a bit of a problem with 1001 MIDNIGHTS. As wonderful a resource as it is and as invaluable I've found it over the years, . . ."

    A resource I found invaluable in expanding past the big names is Private Eyes: 101 Knights: A Survey of American Detective Fiction 1922-1984 by Robert A Baker and Michael T. Nietzel. Among others, it set off my decades long, pre-internet search for James Reasoner's Texas Wind. Thank you Point Blank Press for finally making it available again.


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