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From: Patrick King (
Date: 29 Dec 2008

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    Man, this is a Youtube video! There's no budget here. This guy had the guts to get friends together and do a credible job in telling a story he liked in 20 mins. His choice of camera angles and his use of the camera were professional. I've seen much worse, including the famous Blair Witch Project, which made millions. This is a little film to say this is what I can do. If you lend me some money, I can do much better. And I believe he can. I liked the actors, especially the female lead. I thought the husband was very good, too, and I liked the way the murder was handled. I think the murderer would have had a lot more blood on him if he killed a man with a cleaver, but that's small potatoes. I think this director should be applauded and encouraged. And anyone who can do as well or better with as little resources, I'll be eager to see their finished product.

    Patrick King

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                My own private Purgatory would probably be having to watch this film

    over and over again for all eternity. I guess after the self-esteem

    movement in the school systems over the last 20+ years, we now live in

    an era of diminished expectations where good becomes "near genius" and

    an amateuristic and poorly executed adaptation of a near perfect short

    story becomes an "excellent effort" (among other things, why reveal

    the story's denouement at the end of act two??).

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    > > I think "terrible" is a pretty strong word. I was engrossed by it. I

    > thought the actors looked and sounded authentic. I LOVED the music.

    > All in all, I think it's an excellent effort. I've forwarded it to

    > some friends.

    > >


    > I saw some virtues in it , too. It is a student film, but the guy who

    > made it has potential. Among other things, he managed to create an

    > authentically drab sixties look...


    > Best,


    > mrt







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