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Date: 27 Dec 2008

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    Andrew asked about books set in the beatnik scene. I wrote the following back in February:

    Dennis Lynds set a book in the beat scene, Uptown Downtown (1963): "By day he was a ruthless executive, by night a free-wheeling beatnik. He had the best of both worlds . . . and the perfect woman in each." When he was our guest, Lynds mentioned this was based on his own time in the Village.

    I also have a PI book I've never read, I Like it Cool (1960), by Michael Lawrence: "Johnny Amsterdam--eye with a beard--squares off with the world of the beatniks"

    I'd like add Lloyd Llewellyn, a retro PI comic by Daniel Clowes. Although that's probably more hipster than beatnik. Johnny Staccato and Peter Gunn were also hip enough to hang out in jazz clubs.


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