RARA-AVIS: Re: Short film based on Jim Thompson's Forever After

From: davezeltserman (davezelt@rcn.com)
Date: 26 Dec 2008

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    My own private Purgatory would probably be having to watch this film over and over again for all eternity. I guess after the self-esteem movement in the school systems over the last 20+ years, we now live in an era of diminished expectations where good becomes "near genius" and an amateuristic and poorly executed adaptation of a near perfect short story becomes an "excellent effort" (among other things, why reveal the story's denouement at the end of act two??).

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    > > I think "terrible" is a pretty strong word. I was engrossed by it. I
    > thought the actors looked and sounded authentic. I LOVED the music.
    > All in all, I think it's an excellent effort. I've forwarded it to
    > some friends.
    > >
    > I saw some virtues in it , too. It is a student film, but the guy who
    > made it has potential. Among other things, he managed to create an
    > authentically drab sixties look...
    > Best,
    > mrt

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