Re: RARA-AVIS: Re: "Pulp" broadcasts on BBC7

Date: 21 Dec 2008

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    If that's luck, I get a good deal more of it than I thought, or want.

    Ah well, like the second 30cm of snow that fell overnight and that I must now go out and shovel again, just in time for Christmas.

    Best, Kerry

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      Re your comment below:

      "You're slowing down, Jim. That message took days to arrive here."

      First, I get the digest, which delays the time it takes me to get the message. Second, I work midnights, which means it can be a while before I get the time and energy to look up my e-mail. Third, I just got over a fairly debilitating illness (either flu or food poisoning, I wasn't sure which, but I lost 5 or 10 pounds in less than a day), which left me weak as a kitten for several days.

      You're lucky I managed to summon up enough strength to post that less than wordy reply.



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