RARA-AVIS: Fifty-to-One

From: Randy Krbechek (randyk@psnw.com)
Date: 19 Dec 2008

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    At 12/19/2008, Jack Bludis <buildsnburns@yahoo.com> wrote:
    >I just started to read this one. It is imporbable, but an an
    >absoloute delight. An homage to the classic noir novel (I suppose it
    >will be noir) set in a nebulous time in post WW II New York City.
    >(At least I haven't been able to nail the year yet.)
    >You gotta love a book with a phone number like KL5-2703.
    >Ardai entitles each chapter with the title of one of the first 50 of
    >his Hard Case Crime Novels, and gives us a center section with the
    >covers of each of the 50.

    Jack -

    I'm working on it also. I'm only three chapters in. Appreciate the color center pages, with pictures of all 50 covers. Be sure to read the endnote by Mr. Ardai.

    Bye. Randy Krbechek Fresno, CA

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