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Date: 12 Dec 2008

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    > What I also found in the box is Mosley's Fearless Jones, and I'm going
    > to reread it. My memory of it is positive but not distinct (I don't
    > remember much about the plot).

    as much as I enjoy Mosley, that's how I feel about all of his plots. probably why I didn't have much to say during Mosley month. the Easy Rawlins series especially are far more notable for their sense of time and place and specific cultural viewpoint. that came across in a profound way recently when I happened to re-watch the Carl Franklin directed, Denzel Washington starring DEVIL IN A BLUE DRESS. I recall being a bit disappointed when I saw it in its original release, although why I don't know. I had already read the book so I knew the story was both convoluted and conventional at the same time

    but upon my recent viewing, that aspect didn't bother me. I was taken by the detail and richness of the world in which the characters inhabited

    John Lau

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