Re: RARA-AVIS: Paid-off private eyes?

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Date: 11 Dec 2008

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    > > Seems to me that a detective who takes the money and walks off,
    > leaving the murder unsolved, would also be a narrative scandal. If we
    > knew that the detective could pin the murder on someone, but declines
    > to because he or she is corrupt in a corrupt world, or for some other
    > motivation, that might be a satisfying story. Otherwise, I dunno.
    > >
    > Joe Puma would do it... and I am sure that Ross Thomas could write you
    > a character that does exactly that. We are used to an assumed morality
    > (or at least professional ethics) for the PI, but that doesn't mean
    > it's written in stone. Fast Lane is a very good example of subversion
    > in recent PI fiction... it can be done.
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    Al Guthrie wrote a terrific short story with a corrupt PI.

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