Re: RARA-AVIS: The fictional landscapes

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Date: 11 Dec 2008

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    Mario said:
    > As to details, I don't think it can possible hurt to get them right.
    > I've been waiting for Michael Connelly to get something wrong (that I
    > might notice), but no luck yet...
      George Pelecanos is the writer I enjoy reading more than any other and it was a bit jarring when he got a detail wrong in The Turnaround. I'm guessing he did so on purpose because it did allow him to better describe a character. Nevertheless...

    I wonder if painstaking attention to detail in the small things allows a writer to get away with major leaps in other areas. Drifting from the written word here, but I am thinking of the Hamsterdam scenario in The Wire as well as Stringer Bell's Co-Op.


    p.s. I'm still a bit amazed that Connelly was so generous with us last Spring. What a treat that was.

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