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From: Michael and Heidi Dewally (
Date: 10 Dec 2008

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    I made a slight correction to your statement:


    “I think you're getting to the heart of the Love-Hate relationship between the Americans and the French. Americans love French culture, e.g., French cuisine, the language, Serge Gainsbourg, but claim they hate the French people. Likewise the French love American film, literature, Jazz, certainly NOT Jerry Lewis, etc., but hate Americans.”

    The fascination that the French have (had) about the Western genre is very interesting and certainly not reflected in the US to the same degree. I believe that so long as people in the US believe World War II started in 1941 and not in 1939, we’ll never be able to understand each other completely and I wouldn’t want to see a day when we do!!


    Michaël (Frenchman living in the US for 14 years)

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