RARA-AVIS: Re: The fictional landscapes

From: Gonzalo Baeza (gbaeza@gmail.com)
Date: 10 Dec 2008

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    I agree. That's why I don't tend to like those techno-thrillers with painstakingly detailed descriptions of weaponry as well as Wikipedia- style passages of historical background. In my view, that's just an inept author – or a genre convention that needs to go away – trying to give his story verisimilitude. Good fiction should not typically resort to this heavy-handed realism but neither should it rely on the lazy clichés I was talking about.


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    > There's a theory that you don't have to get everything right,
    especially in
    > terms of locale or geography, in a film or a book that's set in,
    say, Rome.
    > The scenery, landscapes, cafés, churches, streets, are fictional
    and form
    > their own universe, so we don't really have to care for the
    mistakes we see
    > in movies or in books.
    > I don't know if this is true, but it's a theory.
    > Juri

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