RARA-AVIS: Re: Favorite 2008 Books?

From: Jack Quick (jquick5342@yahoo.com)
Date: 06 Dec 2008

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    > Thanks for the great mini-reviews, Jack.
    > Quick question: Is HIT AND RUN a novel or a collection?
    HIT AND RUN is a novel. Here is the full writeup I did for www.bookbitch.com

    HIT AND RUN by Lawrence Block: Keller is like most of us. He has a job that he works at in order to pay his bills, feed his hobby (stamp collecting) and hopefully prepare for his eventual retirement. The major difference is Keller's a hit man. After all these years and many successful assignments he is now ready to begin that retirement, but there is just one more job. Keller really doesn't want to go to Des Moines for the job but it has been paid for so what else can he do? After all, there are no refunds in this business. While he is in Des Moines looking at additions to his stamp collection, someone kills the charismatic governor of Ohio. Normally this would have little impact on Keller except the police have released a picture of the alleged killer. Guess who? Now Keller is stranded in Des Moines, cut off from his associate Dot in White Plains, New York, every cop in America's just seen his picture, his ID and credit cards are no longer good, and he just spent almost all of his cash on the stamps. The best Keller yet.

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