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From: Steve Svecz (
Date: 05 Dec 2008

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    I have one of those leatherette covers too, and people frequently assume I'm reading the Bible. Once in the doctor's waiting room a guy said to me "Yeah, I should probably read the Good Book more." I told him I probably should too. I was reading a Gold Medal PB, Jewel of the Java Sea.





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    I have one of those "leatherette" covers that I bought at a bookstore in Golden Colorado years ago that fits over the paperback - makes it look somewhat like an inexpensive bible. I used to frequent one restaurant often and would take in my book to read. After a year, the usual waitress told me one day, "Either you are a slow reader or that must be one helluva book. You have been reading it for months."

    I told her it was pretty good.


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