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Date: 05 Dec 2008

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    > I have one of those "leatherette" covers that I bought at a bookstore
    > in Golden Colorado years ago that fits over the paperback - makes it
    > look somewhat like an inexpensive bible.

    I wonder if someone could market a special leatherette book holder
    (with hinges) that opens and stays fixed at a given angle. This would be very handy for reading old Gold Medals. I have found experimentally that if you put a binder clip in the center of the spine and open it about 45 degrees, the Gold Medal survives. Your eyes may not, though, or they may become permanently out of focus, but it's worth it. The leatherette could distribute the pressure on the spine a lot better than the binder clip. Run with it, it's a winner... and if not, it may be bailoutable. We'll send Dudley Smith, Buzz Meeks and the Judge to argue the case.



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