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Date: 04 Dec 2008

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    "Seriously, I have never in my life had a stranger make a derogatory comment on a book I was carrying."
      You could always ask them what THEY were reading.  Or why they weren't reading something themselves instead of attempting to correct your reading habits. Man, I will get in the ring with anybody who has the brass-bound gall to take pubic issue with what I'm reading. It really is an unlikely event, though. Once, long ago, I was working the hold-shelf in a bookstore and things were pretty busy.  A line of many diverse characters had formed, all come to get whatever volume they had reserved.  A tall professorial fellow was next and asked for his held copy of Madonna's foil-wrapped photo book, SEX.
    "I feel a little awkward about this, " he said, his brow going slightly red.
    "Why?" I said, handing him his book.  "This is America and you can read anything you want." To my astonishment the entire line erupted in applause and shouts of validation. In general, working with the public is not terribly rewarding, but that made my day.

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    > Argh!
    > What's with all the timid people reading hardboiled books?
    > Show those lurid covers off with pride and, if need be, defiance!
    > What are onlookers going to do?
    > Chasten you?

    That verb has always made me nervous... like someone is gonna castrate me, or something... Seriously, I have never in my life had a stranger make a derogatory comment on a book I was carrying.





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