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Date: 03 Dec 2008

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    > I have read the first 3 Keller books, but I have to say that HIT LIST, the
    > novel, was IMHO the weakest of them.  I thought the collection HIT PARADE was
    > the strongest, and "Keller in Therapy" is one of m favorite short stories,
    > period.  I have begun to wonder if the character isn't better suited to the
    > story form than the novel.

    Keller's ideally suited for the short story due to the nature of who he is and what he does. each of his "jobs" is its own unique set of circumstances and Block as everyone knows, is a master of the form

    but all of Block's heroes have appeared in short stories. the author seems to have no shortage of ideas. some of them are big ones. there's no reason that Keller in a big idea isn't just as viable

    John Lau

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