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Date: 03 Dec 2008

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    > On the basis of L.A. Outlaws, which I could not put down, I want to
    > read one from T. Jefferson Parker whenever I am between books in 2009.
    > Silent Joe and a short story in a mystery anthology are the only
    > things I've read by him before.

    Parker's been on a tremendous roll from about SILENT JOE on. he's always gone for deep characterizations, emotionally wounded protagonists and long suppressed family secrets. CALIFORNIA GIRL or THE FALLEN should be easy to find and have a ton of impact. with the exception of his 3 books featuring female detective Merci Rayborn, all his novels are standalones, so they can be read in any order

    one really gets a sense of profound loss in the lives of his protagonists. to get a feel for the man's talent, you should try and find a copy of his first novel LAGUNA HEAT written over 20 years ago. Parker calls it a young man's book and it probably is. but he was a young man with a lot of game and ambition. interestingly, while Parker has aged, (currently in his mid-50s), his heroes still generally fall in the same demographic from where he started. he's covering the same territory now as he was then. but it's a vast territory and as he matures he really shows his grasp of it

    John Lau

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