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Date: 26 Nov 2008

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    Just the one copy.  A friend of mine borrowed it to read and banged it up, traveling around with it in her purse on a trip.  The other was left behind since I did not know the scarcity of the title and have tried my best not to be a pirate.
      It''s a great read.  Sort of flips the femme fatale convention.

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    > This trip to Antwerp, I was looking for one book in particular, Fredric
    > Brown's Madball.

    This is another title forthcoming from Centipede Press.

    > I wandered around and found 2 copies of Elliot Chaze's Black Wings Has My
    > Angel. They
    > were both under a Euro and I chose the cheaper one since I am more a
    > reader than a collector.
    > At the time, I did not know the rarity of the title, only that it had been
    > recommended on
    > Rara Avis and by Bill Crider, I believe, in the Big Book of Noir. When I
    > brought my purchase to the
    > counter, the owner made me buy the other copy since it was in better
    > condition and only like
    > 20 Euro cents more.

    So . . . do you still have them?




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