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Date: 26 Nov 2008

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    I picked up the reprint of it, and -- a plethora of typos and supposed estate illegalities aside -- I was a little disappointed in it. Yes, it was a well-written, competent novel, but certainly was not the pinnacle of Gold Medal storytelling that it's often purported to be. Not as good as some, better than most, I suppose...but worth the hype (and accompanying exorbitant prices)? No. I think this is a prime example of hype-driven forbidden fruit demanding much more than it deserves to.

    I'm glad to see Centipede come out with an alternative version. It's a story well worth reading, but at prices more in line with their two-digit price structure than the three- or four-figure prices many secondhand dealers seem to think is justified.

    Ron C.

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    > > I recently bought the Black reprint for $5 at the Baltimore
    > > Book Festival. It was a new copy and apparently part of a series of
    > > reprints of classics by Dan Marlowe, Charles Williams, Frederic Brown
    > > and others. In all, I bought 10 different reprints. The editions are
    > > not particularly handsome, but if you want to read it now, I think you
    > > don't have to wait for the Centipede edition.
    > Oh, I would definitely wait. You haven't read copy your copy yet, have
    > Jeff
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