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Date: 26 Nov 2008

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      Hi All -
      I posted a long essay [based on a post at 4-MA] on Stieg Larsson and why I read crime and thrillers and realised it was the existentialist in me speaking, as Manchette, Raymond and many others such as Camus reside in my brain. I have re-edited it into a more coherent essay which might amuse.
      I have a blog, Existentialist Man, which acts as an overflow for my posts at Rap Sheet, January Magazine and Shots, and felt it apt to post it there
      It might provoke some thought - I hope so, as it might just prove I exist, because if a blog is online, and no one reads it, does it in reality exist?
      PS I also have an interesting interview with Bob Randisi at Shots - (

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